Stormwater Division

The Riverton City Storm Water Utility was created to satisfy requirements set forth by The Utah Water Quality Act. It is the result of The Federal Clean Water Act of 1972.

The law requires cities to protect streams, rivers, and lakes, in their jurisdictions, from polluted storm water. Protecting these water bodies require dedicated personnel and equipment. The Federal Government and our State Government did not provide funding, so local governments were left on their own to cover the cost.

Many cities in Utah and across the nation have implemented their own Storm Water Utility Fee. Riverton City has also found it necessary to implement a monthly fee in order to meet the demands of the Utah Clean Water Act as required by the Federal Clean Water Act.

Commercial Residents may apply for a stormwater utility credit who feel their fee calculation is incorrect or who have implemented qualifying stormwater controls.

  • Utility Fee Facts
  • Utility Fee Adjustment Application
  • Residential Utility Fee Abatement Application
  • Riverton City Stormwater Utility Citizen Advisory Committee