Stormwater Design Standards
The Stormwater Design Standards can be found in Chapter 2 of the Riverton City Standards Specifications and Plans.
Low Impact Development (LID) standards for public right-of-way.  The City must govern public LID infrastructure to manage risk levels, and facilitate long term flood control and LID systems the City chooses to maintain.   The following standard details are prepared to satisfy permit requirement and public infrastructure criteria.  These systems are intended to simulate pre-development hydrology, as much as practicable, conform to the permit retention standard and local flood control requirements.

Low Impact Development for private development.  Private LID infrastructure has more options as it is maintained by the private entity.  It simply must conform to Permit and City Stormwater Design Standards for flood control, water quality and Long-Term Stormwater Management criteria.      

To comply with the Clean Water Act the City encourages development to reduce their runoff impact by retaining all or a portion of runoff.  Development that conforms to this approach can receive up to a 45% reduction of their Stormwater Utility Fee.  Stormwater Utility Fee Adjustments may be apply for by application.