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Long-Term Stormwater Management Plan Documents
The Clean Water Act resulted in laws and local regulations that require property owners to be environmentally responsible, whether the property is owned by the government or private owners.  Riverton City’s Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit, identifies specific regulations requiring regulatory mechanisms that protect our water resources from the impacts of development.

City ordinance (13.20) was passed, to satisfy the MS4 regulation, requiring new development to create a Long-Term Stormwater Management Plan (the plan) and enter into an Maintenance Agreement.    The plan explains how the site design and following the standard operating procedures (SOP's) will reduce pollutants inherent with this site.  The plan is expected to be dynamic and allowed to be modified when SOP's and facility systems do not function properly.  It also includes an inspection element that is required to show the plan is working.  

City has provided a Long-Term Stormwater Management Plan example in pdf format.   A copy in word document format is also offered as a base for writing SOP's and other descriptions.  The SOP's in the example can cover many of the issues for most sites but the development's designer is expected to tweak them for the unique site conditions.  The development is also encouraged to include any of their own existing O&M and SOP's documents into the plan.  To facilitate an environment of equality and manageability among development staff must require the use of the Long-Term Stormwater Management Plan template.   The Long-Term Stormwater Management Plan includes an agreement that is recorded on the property however when changes to the Long-Term Stormwater Management Plan are desired and warranted, and the agreement remains unchanged, the revision may occur at staff level with the City. 

Riverton Public Works Facility also functions under its own Long-Term Stormwater Management Plan that it available as a model for development.  City staff will use this plan as a benchmark when reviewing Long-Term Stormwater Management Plans created for proposed developments.  However, the City also encourages innovation of sites designs and SOPs that are more efficient at reducing pollutants specific to your property. 

Please understand that the future may bring new EPA regulation and subsequent City ordinances, which might translate to Long-Term Stormwater Management Plan template updates.  The City is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner and hopes that you see the vision also.

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