The primary pollution sources in Riverton come from residential and commercial property maintenance, and construction activities.  The occupied residential and commercial activities generally generate organic pollutants from, fallen leaves, grass clippings, fertilizers, organic high landscape fill and landscape waste materials left in the road.  Also it has been noticed much of the fugitive trash is a result of uncovered dumpsters and trash receptacles including tipped receptacles. 

Commercial properties have the potential for other pollution sources and illegal stormwater system connections however, this source investigation and stormwater system mapping is ongoing. 

Construction related pollutants are primarily sediment and pollutants that adhere themselves to sediment, fugitive dust and fugitive trash.  However, construction is highly regulated and a active permit system is effective at managing construction pollution sources.
Currently, Riverton has very little industrial properties.

The residential property maintenance is not regulated via a city permit system therefore oversight is limited and management is primarily public outreach and education.  Commercial properties and private owners associations developed after 2010 are managed by permit however these type properties developed before the permit programs are currently relegated to education and outreach.