Recreation Programs

Youth Lacrosse

Spring/Fall Seasons. Riverton Boys and Girls Lacrosse is coordinated through a non-profit, volunteer organization. Lacrosse was a team sport started many years ago by Iroquois Indians involving curved sticks with a small pocket on the end and a hard ball made of baked clay or wood. Today, lacrosse is played by skilled athletes who use sticks made of titanium alloy and plastic/composite materials.  Want to be part of the oldest and fastest growing sport in the US?  Riverton Lacrosse provides the opportunity for boys (1st grade to high school) and girls (2nd grade to high school) to experience the thrill of this great sport. 

Look for a free clinic and registration in February.

For more information, please visit their website:

Cost: Varies
Ages: 1st Grade-High School (Boys) & 2nd Grade-High School (Girls)
Spring Season: March-June
Spring Registration: January-February
Fall Season: Sept-October
Fall Registration: August