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Town Days 3-on-3 Basketball TournamentTown Days Basketball

Date:  Saturday, July 2, 2016
Start Time:  8:00am (Captain's meeting @ 7:30am)
Location:  Riverton City Park basketball court

Rules & Regulations:
- Single elimination with two game guarantee
- Teams can be made with all male, all female, or coed for ages 18 & up.
- Each team should be registered by June 27th (no day of registration).
- Games will be played to 12 straight out (no winning by 2 points).
- Baskets made outside the arc (regular 3-point line) will be counted as 2 points, all other baskets made will be counted as 1 point.
- Score will be teams’ responsibility, there will be a coordinator monitoring games. Please be sportsmanlike & honest.
- You must report scores after game to coordinator.
- Ball must be checked & returned behind the 2 point arc (3-point line), followed by an entry pass, after each change of possession.
- Blatant fouls are cause for disqualification.
- 5 team fouls allowed. 6 foul results in a free throw & possession of the ball to the team that shot the free throw if it is missed. If made, ball goes to the non-free throw team.
- Unacceptable language will result in loss of ball.
- No fighting will be tolerated, good sportsmanship is mandatory. 

If you have any questions please contact Brittany: or 801-208-3170