Riverton City Cemetery

1. All headstone installations, removals and repairs shall be made by telephone appointment only with the Riverton City Cemetery Business Office at (801) 208-3128. This work shall be performed between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m., Monday-Friday only. Click here to view headstone specifications.

2. All companies performing installations, removals and repairs shall complete the online form below, or download the PDF version and submit by fax to (801) 208-3194 OR email to recorder@rivertoncity.com.

3. Remit $100 payment for NEW installs upon permit approval. For payment arrangements, please call the Business Office at (801) 208-3128.

To schedule headstone installation, repair or removal on…
Monday – Notify by Noon Thursday
Tuesday – Notify by Noon Friday
Wednesday – Notify by Noon Monday
Thursday – Notify by Noon Tuesday
Friday – Notify by Noon Wednesday

Grave Marker Permit / Installation Request Form