Business Licensing

Day Care/In-Home Checklist

Daycare / Pre-school In-Home Checklist

  1. Apply for a Conditional Use Permit from the Riverton City Planning Department. A one time application fee is required and can be found in the current Riverton City Fee Schedule.
  2. Apply with the State of Utah Department of Commerce for your business name registration. The State will issue you an eleven digit registration number. Include this number on the Riverton City business License Application form, in the space provided.
  3. If food will be served you must request a State Health Inspection (fee required); call (385) 468-3845
  4. A current Certificate of First Aid/CPR Training is required. If you need to obtain a license contact the State of Utah Department of Child Care Licensing at (801) 273-6617.
  5. The Riverton City Business License Fee will be collected by the Business License Clerk at the time of application (fee schedule).
  6. A Riverton City Building Inspection Fee (fee schedule) is also required. The Business License Clerk will collect this fee and order final inspections. 
  7. A Riverton City Fire Inspection is required. No additional fee is need and the Business License Clerk will order this inspection.

It is the applicants responsibility to provide item numbers 2, 3, and 4 when submitting a completed Business License Application. All licenses will be issued only after all fees are paid and inspections are complete.

Childcare or daycare is defined as providing care and supervision for three or more children under the age of 14 for more than four hours each day. The only exclusion is given to children in homes of legal guardians, grandparents, brothers, sisters, uncles, or aunts.