Be Ready Riverton

Regional Notification System

In the event of emergencies, Riverton City utlilizes the regional notification system with Salt Lake Valley Emergency communications Center (VECC) to send telephone notifications to residents and businesses that may be impacted by any danger or emergency.  As allowed by statute, the system utilizes the region's 9-1-1 database, provided by the local telephone company, and thus is able to contact landline telephones whether listed or unlisted. 

Because the system uses the 9-1-1 database, only landline numbers are in the system. If you have an alternative telephone system provider, such a cable network or Voice over IP provider (VoIP) or cellular telephone and would like to be notified over that device, or if you would like an email notification, you must register those telephone numbers and/or email address for use by the system.

For more information and to register your alternative telephone number, visit the VECC site and follow the  VOIP Registration tab.