Prepardness Tips

Be Prepared for a Month

Being prepared for a month is an important component to the smooth functioning of a family in the event of an emergency. There are a variety of man-made and natural events that can cause you to rely on the stores you have in your home. You never know when potential disasters may occur, which is why you should prepare in advance.

This year the City’s goal is to have every Riverton family be prepared for a month by November 30, 2016. Planning is easier than it sounds. Simply purchase the goods you need over the next few months to stock the items you normally use. By adding a few extra supplies, soon you will have a month’s worth sitting on the shelf.

To help with your preparation, download the Weekly Meal Planner so that you can plan and purchase what you need. Additional preparedness information will continue to be added so that you can achieve your preparedness goals!