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Mayor Bill

Season of Hope and Renewal

Spring is my favorite season when the plants start budding and the grass turns green. This winter has been very cold and snowy, but spring is the season of hope and renewal—the time to review our lives and see what we have accomplished, and plan for what we have yet to accomplish.

As a City we have achieved a lot during the last year, and now it is time to report on what to expect in the coming months.

The State Legislature. The sessionstarted January 23 on a cold winter day. It will end on March 9, which I hope will be a beautiful spring day.  So far I have had the opportunity to meet with legislators on several mornings during the session. I haven’t agreed with all of the bills that passed, and some of the bills that I hoped would become law were defeated. However, one thing all of us can agree on is that our legislators have worked very hard during the session. A big thank you to the members of the Utah House of Representatives and of the Utah State Senate. You are awesome! We appreciate all the late nights and early mornings you have been working in order to make Utah an even better place to live.

Redwood Road Widening Project. The planning is over, the financing is in place, and the work is going forth on this great project. This project will cost almost 40 million dollars to complete. Our project manager, Jessica, has been very good to work with. She has had to make hard decisions on the project, but her decisions have always been based on how to build the safest road possible.

Mountain View Village. At the writing of this article, there is a ground breaking set for March 15. This project has literally been a team effort in which everyone has done their part. This hasn’t been a one or two person effort, it has been a coordinated effort of many people pulling together to get to this point.  Phase One of the project should be completed during the next 18 months. This phase is the big commercial area which includes Harmon’s Grocery Store and other large retailers. The movie theater and the village area will be part of Phase Two.  

We will see a lot of physical changes in the City this year with the construction of buildings, roads, and hopefully an additional water tank, as well as other infrastructure. The great news is that all of this building will be done with no tax increases, no fee increases, and no bonding.


Mayor Bill