City Recorder

Riverton City General Elections

Riverton City 2017 Municipal Elections

 A Board of Canvassers Meeting will be held at City Hall on  November 21st at 5:30 p.m. to canvass the
Official Riverton City Municipal Election Results.
Click on the candidate's name to view their Campaign Finance Statement.

               Mayor - Bill Applegarth                        801-520-9947
               Mayor - Trent Staggs                                        801-871-9129 
               Council District 3 - Paul Wayman           801-254-9033 
               Council District 3 - Tawnee McCay       801-634-7692
               Council District 4 - Tish R. Buroker           801-673-6103
               Council District 4 - Darren J. Park                    801-232-0825

For additional information, please visit Salt Lake County Elections Division and