Standard Specifications and Plans

Riverton City has adopted the Manual of Standard Specifications, 2012 Edition and the Manual of Standard Plans, 2012 Edition of the Utah Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA) and the Associated General Contractors of America as the basis for the Riverton City Standard Specifications and Plans. The 2012 manuals are available for purchase in hardcopy books and e-book formats from the Utah APWA Website. The electronic version can be downloaded to your preferred ebook format (Nook, Kindle, and ibook). The books can be picked up at the Utah LTAP Center (435-797-2931), West Valley City Hall (801-966-3600) and Provo City Public Services (801-852-6701).

The Riverton City Standard Specifications and Plans may clarify, differ with, or add to APWA Standard Specifications and Plans. Additional modifications may apply to specific projects.