Parks and Recreation

Reserve a Park/Facility

Riverton City is host to more than 30 parks, covering more than 160 acres.  Parks include various amenities such as playgrounds, pavilions, restrooms, tennis and pickleball courts, sand volleyball pits, soccer and football fields, trails, splash pads, and even a fishing pond.  Our variety of facilities are below. Feel free to click the park for location and other amenities. You may also click the "reserve" button to check availability.

Park pavilions may be reserved in person at the recreation department the first business day of January. Online reservations will be taken beginning the second business day of January. Both are for dates between April 1 and September 30 each year. Thereafter, it is a first come, first serve park. A reserved facility precedes a "drop-in" event. Bathrooms and water will be closed during that time.
**All pavilion and facility rentals cannot be reserved online inside of two weeks.

**Deposits: If a park/facility requires a deposit, a credit card payment is preferred to expedite the refund. If a check is used, upon refund, it may take up to 4 weeks for the check to arrive to you.


PARKS                                                                                                                        FACILITIES

Riverton City Park                                                                                             Sandra N. Lloyd Community Center
CR Hamilton Sports Complex
Canyonview Park
Centennial Park
Dr. O Roi Hardy Park
Monarch Meadows Park
Old Farm Park
Riverton Chase Park
Swensen Farms Park
West Field Downs Park
Western Springs Park