Community Classes


ARCHULETA PERFORMING ARTS was designed to encourage learning and development through FUN and STRUCTURED classes. All of our classes offer appropriate music, ages 8 – 18, including themes and activities to suit all children's learning styles and preferences.

It is widely recognized that singing and creating music with children can help aid in developing many areas other than just musical appreciation. Some of these areas include:
         -        Communication and Language
         -        Listening Skills
         -        Numeracy & Math Skills
         -        Physical Development
         -        Creativity and Imagination
         -        Memory Enhancement
         -        Personal, Social, and Emotional Development
Classes are fun filled, but also teach discipline in music including pitch, tempo, dynamics, timbre, texture and notation. ARCHULETA PERFORMING ARTS looks forward to taking this exciting journey with you and your kids.

 Children ages 7 and younger may be accepted based on auditions. They will need to be able to read or memorize music. Be able to do well without a family member a rehearsals. Not be a distraction to other class members. And take instruction well.

Instructor Name:                        Lupe Archuleta Bartholomew
Class Start Date:                         Wednesday, September 5, 2018 (Monthly classes)
Day(s) of Class:                            Wednesday’s from 3:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Duration of Class:                      55 minutes per class
Time of Class:                              3:30, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30
Instructor/Student Ratio:      max ratio would be 10 - 15 students to one instructor.
Minimum Class Size:                30 students per class
Maximum Class Size:               45 students per class
Age of Participants:                 8-18 years old (younger would be accepted by way of audition)
Class Cost:                                   Annual Registration is $59 per family (all siblings) / $59 per month tuition. 

 For more information please visit us at or call us at (801) 901-2229