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Flexible Tennis Leagues

This league gathers local, recreational tennis players of all levels. Participants are scheduled to play one match a week. Two players matched up for a particular week set up the time and place for their match (it can be any day during that week and any place). The winner must report the match results to the league coordinator before midnight on Sunday each week. Your Win/Loss record will be used to pair you up with another player of similar skill level the following weeks. Participants sign up with an intention to play one match a week.

To celebrate the first year of this league and to bring as many people in as possible, YOU GET 50% OFF if you register two or more players at the same time!!

$10, includes  8 matches and recognition for top players.
Time and Location: Matches are played at the time and location that works best between the two players in that particular match. Tuesday timslots at the Riverton City Main Park are available for league matches, on a limited basis, through the league coordinator.    
Ages: Any age is welcome as long as you can transport yourself to your weekly match
Dates (8 weeks per session):

     April 17-June 11
     July 10-Sept 03

 Estimated Skill Levels: (These are just to get you started. If you keep winning, you will keep playing up).
 Beginner In-Between Novice In-Between Experienced 
Still working primarily on keeping the ball in play. Somewhere
in-between Beginner and Novice. 
Can anticipate the ball and sustain a rally of slow pace. Working primarily on stroke development.  Somewhere
in-between Novice and Experienced. 
Has consistent shots and can control the direction of the ball. Working primarily of game tactics and strategy. 

2017 Schedule
-Stay tuned. This will be posted and updated as Registrations come in.

-This will updated each week after weekly results are reported.

Click here to view a PDF of the League rules

Tennis Lessons
The tennis lessons through Riverton City are taught through Tracy Derby as a community class. 
Click here to be redirected to the tennis lessons community class.